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Hand Sanitiser Gel, Germ Counter Screens, Face Masks;


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          Hand Sanitisers 

3 sizes of Bulk Hand Sanitiser: Fragrance free NMA

60mL Tube flip top in cartons of 100 price $99.00+GST = $0.99+GST each  

300mL Bottles pump in cartons of 40 Per 40 price $199.60+GST = $4.99+GST most popular

5 Litre Tubs in cartons of 3 per 3 $105+GST = $35.00+GST Minimum order 12 Tubs

Carton sizes may change

Please contact office for other sizes


Dispenser Automatic Hands free wall mounted:

Carton of 12  = $948+ / Each = $79+


Dispenser Automatic Hands free floor stand:

Carton of 1 = $150+


Batteries for Dispensers use Super ultra alkaline C x 4 cost per 96 batteries $134.40+

Use our contact page above to place orders or ask questions: sales@sunsational.com.au



Sunsational Germ Counter Screen Australia:

We now supply GERM SCREENS that sit on counters to protect front line workers and customers from C19 and flu.

2 Sizes of Germ Screens only with hole to exchange goods and payment

Code SGS; Standard: w 600 x h 1200 x d 200mm/ 4.5mm thick with secure attachments. $275+GST

Code LGS; Large: w 800 x h 1200 x d 200mm/ 4.5mm thick with secure attachments. $295+GST


Combination Germ Screen as above plus social distancing signage:

Social distancing floor wall, window, counter, decal/signage.

Code SGSC; Standard Germ Screen $365+GST 

Code LGSC; Large Germ Screen $385+GST

Face Masks:


KN95 Face Masks Premium with metal nose pinch: Right white mask 

Carton of 250 single packs  $375.00 +GST = $1.50+ GST per face mask

Face Masks 3Ply Breath easier technology: Left blue mask also in black

Box of 50 = $29.50 +GST = $0.59+  per mask

Carton of 2000 = $780.00 +GST = 0.39+ per mask = 40 boxes of 50 masks

Ask for a price for 10 cartons

KIDS Face Masks 3Ply Breath easier technology: Left blue mask

Box of 50 = $32.50+GST = $0.65+ per mask

Carton of 2000 = $500.00+GST = 0.25+ per mask = 40 boxes of 50 masks

Ask for a price for 10 cartons

We also supply Face shields and temperature testers


Face masks and the extra care using sunscreen during Covid19 Face masks protection:

Please remember when you put on and take off face masks outdoors in the sun, it is suggested to apply more sunscreen on your face, a lot more than usual as you would be rubbing your sun protection off.  Remember to apply to nose, and everywhere the mask touches the face and ears, please share this with friends, family and work friends.


We can also supply pallet and container quantities on request worldwide.

Sunsational Body Care products are made to the highest standards and Authorised by various authorities around the world.

Distributors, Retailers and bulk buyers welcome. 

If you would like to buy and sell Sunsational products please contact us: sales@sunsational.com.au

or use the contact form above.

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