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After Sun Aloe Vera Gel: 

As the mother of 2 gorgeous fair skinned, red headed children sunscreen is a non-negotiable and finding the right product is of upmost importance to my family. Late last year I was the fortunate recipient of a tube of Sunsational sunscreen and I now need look no further. The product provides excellent coverage and we all love the non greasy application (saves fighting in the morning when applying the sunscreen cream). The product is Australian made and owned which adds to my desire to support this fabulous product.  

Thank you, Sunsational! 

Katherine Lefever & family


Sunsational sunscreen hit the spot with the perfect price point, shops are getting positive results and comments. I will increase our Sunsational sunscreen, After Sun Gel and Insect Repellent orders next year. 

Sunscreen Distributor Australia

The bulk sunscreen price for Sunsational Australian made sunscreen was much better than my current sunscreen suppliers, thank you for best price sunscreen and looking after our distributor Supply business.

Rupert J Sunscreen buyer

Our company have been looking to buy sunscreen that suits everyone and Sunsational sunscreen has done just that in the last 12 months I have sold a lot of Sunsational products with positive and very helpful outcomes even with many skin disorders Sunsational help not only the sunscreen but the After Sun Aloe Vera Gel is so gentle on the skin, I just think retailers should know this and carry Sunsational.

Grace Linh | Strat Group Buyers Agent

Top performing sunscreen, we used it travelling the world in the snow to the heat of Africa and we never got burnt.

Dwayne French | Travelling sports photographer

Best surf sunscreen I have ever used up to date, didn't sting my eyes or my friends and we were out for over 3 hours and not even sunburnt at all.

Joey T 

Happy Surfer WA

The mini travel sunscreen was the best sunscreen size for our travel, the whole team loved the small sunscreen.



Sunsational Mosquito Repellent really does slow down the itchiness after two of my friends kids got bitten from a trip to the bush.

Farbio D Sunsational Mosquito Repellent fan

As a sunscreen distributor of more than 20 years I have sold various sunscreen brands.

Our bulk sunscreen order arrived same day and we are so pleased with the service and advice.

Tanya Plinth


As a major distributor I have found the service and above all reliability of the Sunsational sunscreen company second to none. 

Allen Harper | Major Distributor

I have had Eczema my whole life and I have not had a flare up for around 18 months, I was given a tube of Sunsational Sunscreen spf50+ back then and I just feel so much happier without my Eczema starting up over and over again. 

This was a conversation with Abdullah who came up to me and told me his story (I was holding a Sunsational display box)

Abdullah M | Very happy user of Sunsational Body Care

Hi, Harvey here, it was great to find a sunscreen that doesn't sting eyes.

Harry Dalton | a bulk buyer

Just a quick call to say our outdoor workers think Sunsational sunscreen is the best sunscreen they have ever used even the old men like it as it does not sting the eyes and we feel good using it.

Jeorge V


Sunsational After sun gel pump is the best After sun gel we buy wholesale bulk with so many positive reactions.

Thanks for the excellent service.

Paula B

Suncare suppliers

Our fundraiser with sunscreen was the best year up to date and i would like to thank you for all the kind support while we 

Were doing our sunscreen fundraiser we feel good dealing with you.

Ava T

Happy business manager

Our clients love the looks of the yellow with blue tubes and very impressed with the protection when they have tested Sunsational.

Han Wu | Skin Specialist supplier

Thanks mate this sensational sunscreen has made a massive improvement to my clients Psoriasis/Eczema I was very surprised at the speed in which it help clients skin most have told me within 2-4 weeks.

Aaron M | Skin specialist

Wow the Sunsational After Sun Aloe Vera Gel pump bottle has now become our number one seller.

Nabil Wholesale Business

"The SPF50 Sunscreen" was the best sunscreen we have used to date, all the kids loved the clear fragrance free feel.

Diane | Sydney

I am writing to say thank you for looking after our distributor making it is to do business with our customer base.

Albert Ng | New distributor


"Best sunscreen" we have ever used in our business, it really is a clear and non greasy sunscreen.

Simon Townsend


I am writing to say a big thanks for the very quick delivery and professional service.  The products are very popular with our clients.

Lily Chen

Mo here I have some constructive advice for yo, stop helping so much you really go out the way make sure we feel good.i just had to let you know how much better you look after our Distributor business.

Mo H

Another happy sunscreenDistributor

The insect repellent was very effective on all of our workers and being deet free is a big plus.

Larry Surfer 


We buy Sunsational sunscreen for our outdoor workers from one of your distributors and I would like to share with others how good the Sunsational sunscreen really is, you feel as if you have no sunscreen on and the staff like that it is fragrance free, try it and you will be very happy with the "Sunsational sunscreen brand."

Andrew Barry | NBS 

The Sunscreen you supplied was the best sunscreen i have purchased for my servere Eczema skin condition, after a few months it has cleared up, I will use a combination of the Sunsational after sun gel so my skin does not get use to the Sunscreen.

Tilli J Individual happy sunscreen user

The Sunsational sunscreen SPF50 is the best "surf sunscreen" for me and our sports club.

Sunny Crew

Good morning, we want to say a big thank you, our order arrived today!

We are very impressed with the service from quote to sales to dispatch.

Please pass on our thanks to all who have facilitated this order!

Jo Mc, Quality Assurance Manager | Holt Farming

Thank you very much, Sunsational sunscreen worked to clear up my eczema and I am so happy.

Sally J | Consumer 


Sunsational in just one week is now our best selling sunscreen, so can I please another order please.

Roland T | Distributor

Sunsational you are the best sunscreen company to work with you just make it easy and thanks for the extra business you gave my wholesale business.

Taj N | Wholesaler 

Awesome sunscreen it didn't sting my eyes at all, you should promote that as all other sunscreen brands I have used does.

Toby J | Sports Coach Australia

I got my first order of Sunsational sunscreen and that was so quick, I am writing to say it was a real pleasure dealing with you and the sunscreen is so light and easy to put put on, we are very happy customers.

Ali M | Happy Sunscreen Retailer Australia

I live in Western Australia and think Sunsational sunscreen is by far the very best sunscreen I have used, can I ask where can I buy Sunsational near Bunbury.

Vlad | Happy Sunsational sunscreen customer

Sunsational Body Care sunscreen is a wonderful product to distribute and we will be a very long term sunscreen supplier. Hanni K | Sunscreen Distributor

My three kids have very sensitive skin and we have gone through so many brands and potions, you said to me when you gave me a sample "try Sunsational sunscreen many people said had worked on various skin conditions but like any one you might dance back and forth from a few brands so your kids will not get use to it and stop working"

I did and that has been working for more than 2 years :) I truly thank you for wonderful and honest advise.

Stella Ritmo, Very happy mum

Hi Sunsational Body Care My friend introduced me to Sunsational BuzzzzOfff and I think it is great, I also use it to stop itching and as and antiseptic for the animals & humans.

Tilly V | Another happy person :) 

This Sunsational sunscreen is the best for surfing, my three kids never complained about it stinging eyes and they normally do with all other brands we have tried, it really a is the best sports sunscreen we have ever used and good to see it is made in Australia.

Billy M


Sunscreen supplies arrived days before you told us they would and that is what I call wonderful service.

Stella K | School Head Master

Our Western Australia sunscreen fundraiser was amazing with huge sunscreen sales, I would like to thank you for all the flexible help you offered and talk next year.

Oggy | Head fundraising organiser

Nice meeting you up the coast last week and talking on the phone again, We had 20 of our customers try Sunsational sunscreen and all of them said they would prefer to use Sunsational sunscreen than the over priced sunscreen we currently supply. Belinda W | Skin care specialist

Sunsational sunscreen was a very successful product for our clients with skin disorders and to be able to help them with a sun protection product made in Australia makes me a massive supporter of Sunsational sunscreen.

Anika B

Went hiking with the family and friends, we all used Sunsational sunscreen once as we ran out and no one got sun burn After 6 hours.  What a great sunscreen.


Sunsational you guys are sensational ;) the BuzzzzOfff out door natural insect repellent is the best insect repellent we

have ever used, can we buy 2 more cartons as the first carton of Insect repellent sold out in a few weeks.

Maddy | Bulk buyer in Australia

I have just tried your Sunsational sunscreen and I wanted to let you know that I think it is a great sunscreen product, I am impressed that it does actually go clear which others say but fail to do.

Marie Sacco | Commercial solicitor, MCS Legal Australia

Just been using the Sunsational After Sun Aloe Vera Gel to help reduce my eczema and it is a winner it has reduced my eczema by almost 90% after 2 months, my family is now using Sunsational After Sun Aloe Vera Gel as a daily moisturiser and is working so well for dry skin.

My skin specialist suggest Sunsational After Sun Aloe Vera Gel and said it seems to have very positive results with clients

Serena Rasheed Happy person  

As a major distributor I have found the service and above all reliability of the Sunsational sunscreen company second to none.  Allen Harper | Major Distributor

I am finally getting back to you with feedback about the After Sun Aloe Vera Gel Pump, The fact that it is fragrance free and alcohol free lets our business use and sell it to a larger clientele, We find Sunsational Advance After Sun Aloe Vera Gel in the pump bottle the best for all year round use after sun burn and exposure to the outdoors for normal and very severe skin conditions like dry, eczema, psoriasis and other skin types, it really is a wonderful product and we will suppliers of Sunsational Advance After Sun Aloe Vera Gel for a long time to come.

Sissy D | A well established skin specialist


We are very please with the test results using Sunsational After Sun Gel we would like to stock it in all out lets. Sarah Ng A specialist skin care Company


Hi, how good are you to make sure and follow up on my wholesale sunscreen orders.

You are very easy to deal with and all of us say this, really good service as usual :)  

Tiffany Tran | Sunscreen distributor overseas


Awesome sunscreen it didn't sting my eyes at all, you should promote that as all other sunscreen brands I have used does.

Toby Jenson | Sports coach Australia

I got my first order of Sunsational sunscreen and that was so quick, I am writing to say it was a real pleasure dealing with you and the sunscreen is so light and easy to put put on, we are very happy customers.

Ali M | Happy Sunscreen Retailer Australia

Sunsational sensitive sunscreen really is what we were looking for to supply our retail customers great price and works for all the family so we do not need to carry all the variety of sunscreens. Josh P | Sunscreen supplier Australia

Sunsational all natural organic insect repellent has been so well received by all the sports teams, comments like works a treat, very low smell, really easy to apply and even the young sports teams like Sunsational insect repellent.

Thanks for such a great product.


It was a pleasure meeting you the other week talking about sunscreen, 

I have purchased for my specialist skin care company and the orders to our customers have been huge,

So happy we met.


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